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Keaveney, my positon…….

The news that Colm Keaveney TD will join Fianna Fail has come as a surprise to many. As some of you will be aware I have worked as a consultant to Colm Keaveney over the last number of months. In that time my work was concerned with electoral analysis, branding and organisational advice. Over the course of those months I produced analysis, writing and advice on such matters. Our work reached a natural conclusion at the end of November where any further steps were dependent on the decisions Colm would take as regards running in European elections, policy areas and constituency work.

I was aware that some discussion had taken place with Fianna Fail but this was outside anything I had influence over. As a professional I am in the business of keeping clients and there was no personal benefit for me in seeing a client move to a party where he would have access to researchers and press advisers. It is also the case that there was no benefit I could bring to any discussion and my relationship with many in FF might best be described as ‘fraught’. At no point was I ever contacted by anybody in FF about this matter.

Colm was aware that any such move might place me in a difficult position and as a result he never asked me or informed me of what was happening with Fianna Fail. Our relationship was purely professional and his own decisions regarding his political future were always a matter for himself and his family. He contacted me last night out of courtesy to inform me of his decision.

Over the last few months I have enjoyed working with Colm and his team. I would have no hesitation in working with him again, however his need for such advice is lessened by his involvement with a party that has its own internal resources. From that perspective the move could not be seen as any benefit to me personally.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish Colm every success with his future

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