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Let’s make politics matter…….

Why do we bother with politics? Where did our systems come from? Why does politics matter? How does PR-STV work? How can we interact with Government? These are just some of the questions that arise for teenagers as their awareness of politics grows. Pop-Politics is an exciting new initiative aimed specifically at second level schools. It is designed by people who have a passion for politics and aims to bring a sense of entertainment and enthusiasm to the subject that will serve students well throughout their lives.

The 1.5 hour engagement allows them to see politics in a new light. Using the unique concept of ‘The Village’ they learn the story of politics and political systems. The aim is to encourage a deeper level of engagement that illustrates how and why politics affects us and why we need such systems. This entertaining and direct approach breaks politics down from macro issues to micro ones so that the effects and uses of systems can be understood.

The complexities of voting and how the PR-STV system works is then derived from this ‘Village’ concept. Students are introduced gradually to the mechanics of voting by taking them on a journey from the X-factor to PR-STV. Finally we cut through the sense of bewilderment at some of the actions and language of government. We explain how laws are made, we take a humorous look at the language of politics and show students how they can engage and take part in the system.

The programme was designed after talking to teachers and students about gaps they found in current understanding. The three main areas were why politics matters, the voting system and how to engage. This initiative seeks to bring politics into the lives of students and equip them with a real sense of understanding of the system and their place as citizens. It is designed to be enjoyable, interactive and educational.

The cost to schools or youth groups is €200 for the 1.5 hour session (bespoke longer sessions are available but must be planned in advance).

Johnny Fallon presents and facilitates the session. Johnny is an experienced political commentator and author. He has provided political analysis for RTE, Newstalk, Shannonside/Northern Sound, TV3 and the Irish Independent. He is the author of ‘Party Time: Growing up in Politics’ (2006 Mercier Press), ‘Brian Cowen: In his own words (2009 Mercier Press) and ‘Dynasties; Irish Political Families (2011 New Island Books). As an experienced presenter and speaker he brings a genuine passion to the subject and gives the benefit of his unique insight from the coal face of Irish politics.


2 thoughts on “Pop-Politics

  1. Geraldine Gildea on said:

    Hi Johnny,

    Just a quick enquiry, what size group would you usually work with when you go to a Post Primary School, class group of 30 or year group 125 ?


    Geraldine Gildea

    • jonny33 on said:

      Hi Geraldine, We can work with either group size and its very much up to the school. The workshop is broken up into three sections. The PR-STV vote works best with larger numbers but the other two sections can be a bit more interactive with smaller groups. Some schools like to break up a large group and run two sessions for which there is a special rate. This helps if there is pressure accommodating a large group in the school. However, from my own point of view I am happy to work with either size group and will do whatever suits the school best. Give me a call or email me on if you wish to know more.


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