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Ireland misses a glorious chance on Greece

Over on the Slugger O’Toole site today I am making the argument that Ireland has missed a chance on the Greek crisis. The Irish government should have been at the centre of negotiations as an honest broker that could see both sides. The failure to see this opportunity and grasp the nettle is a sad reflection of the lack of political ambition in Ireland today. It also indicates just how short-sighted and ‘play it safe’ we have become.


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One thought on “Ireland misses a glorious chance on Greece

  1. PaddyM on said:

    1. Enda and FG are only interested in getting re-elected and that means scaring the voters off SF and the independents. There is no partisan advantage in helping a left-wing government which views itself as being a sister party of SF, and there is no party in the Republic which is as utterly focussed on partisan advantage as FG. A face-saving result for Syriza and an easing of the pressure on the Greek people would be a good result for SF, and we can’t be having that now, can we?

    2. Enda and FG know well that an easing of the pressure on the Greek people would show up the guff from a couple of years back about “seismic shifts” and prompt the voters to ask why so little relief was achieved by the coalition in comparison.

    3. Does anyone believe that Enda and/or Michael Noonan are actually capable of performing that role?

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