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#LE14 Wearing out those shoes….Top and bottom of class

I have been continuing my search for those candidates that put in the hard yards on the doorsteps and wear out their shoes. I have always said that back in the day if I were managing a campaign then I expected to see lots of worn out shoes or else somebody would be getting the ‘hairdryer’ treatement back in campaign HQ. All of this is explained in my earlier post ‘Friends Romans, Countrymen…Lend me your shoes’

Noel Rock continues to impress and would you believe he has made it through another pair of shoes

photo (3)

Now I don’t know whether its that these North Dublin boys are made of sterner stuff, but Paul Anthony Ward has also been hitting the streets and his shoes have been feeling the pain

photo (2)

photo2 (2)

So I say well done to these two hard working candidates. Now, sometimes a name or a reputation can automatically mean a few votes that a new candidate must fight for. Nevertheless I have to say that the Lord Mayor himself, Osin Quinn is bottom of my class at the moment and would be on the recieving end of a good dressing down for posting this picture of his shoes

photo1 (2)

Let the games begin….#LE14 is almost upon us in earnest

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