Johnny Fallon

Irish Political Commentator

In Defence of Social Media

Yesterday my column for the Irish Independent online looked at social media and why politicians, commentators and others need to accept and embrace it. The internet is a very valuable tool and while there are some that abuse it, the answer is not in more laws and censorship but rather in using it properly and understanding it.


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One thought on “In Defence of Social Media

  1. Hi Johnny,

    You make a good point in relation to years of unilateral political communications. Politicians running around grabbing every camera and mic they can find. It was impossible for some politicians to walk by open microphones. We have bilateral social media communications and all of a sudden it’s the devil’s work and needs to be controlled. Controlling social media resembles Cuba to me. There’s been very little wrote about “Fair Comment”, “Opinion” and our Constitutional freedom of expression. An angry aggressive comment is not defamatory or breaking any other law for that matter. It’s just an individual funnelling anger at a helpless minister/TD. Sooner the better they get used to it, after all, politicians are paid enough. Great article…


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